The Michigan Wolverines are officially in the Final Four.  They're just one game away from the big dance.  Are they about to win it all?

Michigan beat Florida State Saturday 58-54.  Important note, there are NO easy wins in the Final Four.  Here's the schedule according to CBS Sports:

Saturday, March 31st

#11 Loyola (Chi) vs #3 Michigan at 6:09 PM TBS

#1 Kansas vs #1 Villanova at 8:49 PM TBS

Don't let the rankings fool you.  There's not a lot separating #3 Michigan and #11 Loyola.  Loyola has a 32-5 record while Michigan has a 32-7 record.  Not to mention, anyone who has watched one night of March Madness in their life knows how unpredictable a game can be.


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