On March 24, Adam Wakefield released "Blame It on Me" as a single. The The Voice Season 10 runner-up learned of the tune from one of its writers, Nolan Neal -- a fellow The Voice alumnus -- while the two were in Los Angeles together, but it took some prodding from Neal (and a run-through from Wakefield's band) for Wakefield to make the decision to officially record the track.

Below, Wakefield tells The Boot about how "Blame It on Me" got to his ears, how he put his own spin on the song, and how it feels to have it out to the world.

Adam Cunningham, Nolan Neal and Aron Leigh wrote "Blame It on Me." I actually met Nolan at a late-night studio party, but we didn't hang out much until my time on The Voice. During my season, we hung out a lot; he played me some of his songs -- I thought they were great, so we started writing and looking for excuses to work together.

Nolan played ["Blame It on Me"] for me when we were in LA, and I loved it then ... He continued to put the bug in my ear about the song for another six months. I never really considered cutting it, but I wanted to put it in my live set. [Then], after I heard my band play it for the first time, I knew it was the song I wanted to put out.

Listen to Adam Wakefield's "Blame It on Me"

The only version I ever heard of the song was Nolan playing it live for me with an acoustic guitar, but once I dug into the lyrical content of the song, I realized we could go in a really cool direction production-wise. This song is one of those that can be taken two different ways, and we produced it to ride the line between the two messages listeners could get from the song.

After hearing the song, I felt it was a great way to introduce fans to the direction my music was headed in. As much as I would have loved to release a song I'd written first, I had a gut feeling about "Blame It on Me." And now, after hearing the finished product, I feel good about my decision.

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