If you have a mobile hot spot you probably shouldn't name it something like 'remote detonator."  It might prompt a bomb squad to shut down your workout at Planet Fitness. 

I've a lot of fun with my WiFi names in the past.  From 2Fly4aWifi to BillNyeTheWiFi, I'm proud to my creativity.  However, you have to "exercise" caution in 2018 when taking that wifi name on the road.

The wrong wifi name for your mobile hot spot could shut a gym down according to ClickonDetroit,

A Michigan gym patron looking for a WiFi connection found one named "remote detonator," prompting an evacuation and precautionary search of the facility by a bomb-sniffing dog.

Nothing was found in the search Sunday at Planet Fitness in Saginaw Township.

A patron brought the WiFi connection's name to the attention of a manager, who evacuated the building and called police. The gym was closed for about three hours as police responded.

I'm always looking for a good excuse to skip a work out, but dang!

What's the best WiFi name you've ever used or have seen pop up on your device?  Let us know in the Facebook comments.


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