Over the last few years, I've spoken to a lot of people about the absolute worst gifts they have received on Valentine's Day. It made me wonder if the gift giver was trying to get out of a relationship with some of the choices I heard. One girl told me that her boyfriend got her a used Tupperware set and I'm pretty sure based on her detailing of the event, it lead to his untimely death.

Nevertheless, there are real gifts out there that girls can actually use and appreciate. If you're gonna take the time to go out and try to do something special for the one you love, make sure you follow through and do it right. I asked girls around Michigan what gifts would land their significant other in the "dog house" and this is what I got:

Shannon From Detroit: Cleaning SuppliesNothing says "I Love You" more than subconsciously asking, "when was the last time you cleaned your grout?" Listen, Valentine's Day is supposed to be a sacred holiday for some people and this is not the way to a woman's heart. In fact, I'd hand them back to him and tell him "No, you clean the house!"

Anna From Kalamazoo: Wrong Sized Lingerie- Oh boy, this is never good. When lingerie is being purchased for your woman, that's the kind of thing you either better know for sure or just play it safe and go pick something out together. Nothing is gonna make her feel like you have no idea what she looks like as buying her sexy underwear that a hippo could fit in.

Lianne From Portage: Something He Likes- Guys, I know we've heard it all before but Valentine's Day is one day where girls like to feel as if you care about them by showing them you really do pay attention to the small details about them. Getting them something they don't really like that you do just shows who is most important to you in the relationship.

Erica From Marshall: Re-Gifting Something- I never believed that someone could be as stupid as to give a gift to their loved one that they had given an ex. Erica said she got a gift one time from her then boyfriend (clearly no longer together) that she knew was originally given to a girl he was seeing before her. HE LEFT "TO: FROM:" TAG ON IT. Guys, take a deep breath, think for a minute and don't you ever be this stupid again. I'm glad we had this talk.

Annmarie From Battle Creek: Nothing- It's been said many times before but you only have one job. One. Sometimes people don't really care for the holiday and its commercialism but for some, it's really important to feel appreciated. It doesn't take any amount of money to make someone feel appreciated or loved. You could even make something. Sometimes things like that mean more than any piece of expensive jewelry. All you have to do is actually care about the one you tell that you love. So give them something special this year, from the heart.




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