This week our Small Michigan Town Series stops in Union City.  This small town with a population of under 1,600 people has a rich history.

We asked you on Facebook what your favorite things are about Union City and compile this list.

#5.  The Underground Railroad

According to Wikipedia, 

Union City was designated as Station No. 2 of the famous Underground Railroad, where John D. Zimmerman (1811-1879), formerly of Connecticut, was stationmaster.[6] The slaves seeking refuge were taken into a home built around 1840 by Mr. Zimmerman, who arrived in Union City from Fairfield, Connecticut, in the spring of 1838. He brought with him a set of blacksmith tools to operate the blacksmith shop promised for him by Israel Ward Clark, one of the four proprietors of the village of Union City in 1837. In September 1839, Zimmerman returned to Union City with his family; he soon built a wagon factory, blacksmith shop, and a Greek Revival house. Outraged by the institution of slavery, Zimmerman became a stationmaster for the Underground Railroad, hiding escaped slaves in his house and assisting them in their flight to Canada and freedom. The home is on the list of Michigan State Historic Sites and is located at 119 East High Street


#4.  Union Station Food

Charles Weller commented on Facebook, "Union station of course!"

Jay L. had this to say about Union City Food in his Yelp review,

Yummy food and best Ice cream locally. Super nice people and makes it great to go to.

Google Street View


#3.  The Bucket

Brittany M Wasikowksi gave The Bucket or "Ma's Bucket" this 5-star review on Facebook recently,

Absolutely love this place! It’s owned by great people, has fantastic worker also it has such wonderful food. Every time we go in there we are always treated so nicely and the service is great. They also play wonderful music.

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#2.  Floating on The River

Shirley Watson and many other mentioned floating on the St Joe River as one of the best things about Union City, MI.

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#1.  Charger Pride!

Angelynn Udel Ballard and countless other praised the local school system and their Charger Pride.  Go Chargers!

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Did we miss your favorite thing about Union City?  Let us know in the comments below.


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