This week our small Michigan town series stops in a place known for it's Tasty Nuts...White Pigeon.

According to Wikipedia White Pigeon was incorporated in 1837 and has an estimated population of 1,511 residents.  We asked the question on Facebook, "what's your favorite thing about White Pigeon," and here are your answers.


#5. The Historic Train Depot

Sheila Robinson and Brittany Clay both mentioned the restored Depot Building on Facebook as their favorite thing about White Pigeon.  In fact, Brittany got married there.

Google Street View


#4. The White Pigeon Chiefs spirit

Michelle Ray Baker commented, "The White Pigeon Chiefs spirit! It’s great to see the community support for the kids, school and sporting events!"

Google Street View


#3. Pigeon Inn

Holly Strawser, Michele Frederick and Kevin Salisbury all agree on the "yummy" food and drinks at Pigeon Inn.

Google Street View


#2. White Pigeon Days

Many of you mentioned how much you love White Pigeon Days.  Here's what Christy Lynn Scott had to say,

We love the parade during White Pigeon Days. I love everything about my hometown!! We love taking walks to the library, and stopping by the tasty nut shop for some ice cream

Christy Lynn Scott


#1. Tasty Nut Shop

When Wendy Jones-Ludwig first commented "Tasty Nut Shop" I thought she was pulling my leg.  But then, Megan Sells commented, "Tasty Nut Shop hands down."  Then...MANY others mentioned their love for the Tasty Nut shop in White Pigeon.  All 12 year old boy giggles aside, this is clearly the jewel of White Pigeon.

Google Street View

Did we miss your favorite thing about White Pigeon, MI?  Let us know in the comments.


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