This week our Small Michigan Town Series stops in a tiny town that's almost 200 years old.  Hillsdale, MI has just over 8,000 residents and these 5 things...

Here are 5 Things Everyone From Hillsdale Knows according to your Facebook comments.

#5.  Friday Night Fish Fry at Finish Line

Wendy M Williams mentioned Finish Line in the Facebook comments.  The Finish Line Family restaurant is known for their Friday Night Fish Fry and averages 4.5 stars on

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#4.  Hillsdale Filling Station

The Hillsdale Filling Station has an average of 5 stars on Yelp.  Amy Dryer had this to say on Facebook, "My two favorite sandwich shops: Handmade and Hillsdale Filling Station!!!"

Google Maps


#3.  Slayton Arboretum

According to,

The purpose of the Slayton Arboretum is to display and preserve living plant collections and native plant communities, and to study and disseminate knowledge about plants through teaching, research, education, publications, and public outreach programs.

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#2.  The Hillsdale County Fair

Many of you praised the Hillsdale County Fair in the Facebook comments.  Here's a one of many videos we found from on youtube of the fair.


#1.  Checker Records

There is one place that almost everyone mentioned...Checker Records!  When we asked the question "What's your favorite thing about Hillsdale." Heather Stevens left this comment and the picture below, "Checker Records, and the people behind it!"

Heather Stevens

Did we miss your favorite thing about Hillsdale, MI?  Let us know in the facebook comments.


BONUS VIDEO: I-69 Multiple-Vehicle Pileup Accident