This week our Small Michigan Town Series checks out Hastings.  We what your favorite things are about this beautiful town on facebook.  Here are your answers.

With a population of just over 7,000 residents, Hastings is the county seat of Barry County.  Not to mention, a gorgeous downtown area.  But that's not all Hastings has to offer.  Here are the 5 things everyone from Hastings knows.

#5. Tubing down the Thornapple

Rober Landes Jr says his favorite thing about Hastings is tubing down the Thornapple during Summer.

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#4.  Charlton Park

Holly Vann loves Charlton Park!  Here's what Clocks had to say in their 5-star rating on,

See how people live and work in the early days. Live demonstrations on special event days. Buildings are from Barry County at the turn of the century and restored for this lovely park.

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#3. GQT Hastings 4 Theater

Lots of people love the newly remodeled Hastings 4 Theater.

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#2. Mexican Connexion

Chelsea Downing and many others chose Mexican Connexion as their favorite thing about Hastings.  Kevin D had this to say in his 5-star Yelp review,

Literally the best Mexican food ever. I have been eating there for 25 years or more (I don't actually know because I wasn't even a teenager yet). Even though I moved to the east coast I have to stop every time I am in town. The food is so good. The owners are awesome. I love this place

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#1. Walldorff Brew Pub and Bistro

Matthew Healy is on of many who mentioned Walldorff Brew Pub and Bistro.  Melissa H had this to say in her 5-star review on,

Porrabella Mushroom fries are out of the this world good! So was the dipping sauce. The corn beef and sauerkraut sandwich was very good my husband said. The atmosphere is in keeping of what a brew pup would look like. The table and seats were fantastic. Service was pleasant. Bathroom are upstairs and there is an elevator.

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Did we miss something awesome about Hastings, MI?  Let us know in the Facebook comments.


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