Don't be a hater, check out the Kalamazoo fashions back in the day in this video of a 1993 fashion show at Crossroads Mall- it's all good.

What's the dillio? What were we thinking? It's easy to look back and laugh, so let's do just that at this YouTube clip of a 1993 fashion show at Kalamazoo's Crossroads Mall.

Put on by New York based Abbey's People Talent Agency, it looks like the makeshift runway was assembled at center court. You can clearly see the Radio Shack logo in the background and the clothes look like they came from Chess King or Structure.

We can't see how big the audience was but we can assume shoppers stopped to take in the phat fashion show between perusing the latest VHS movies at Suncoast and buying compact discs at Sam Goody before they had to bounce.

Bonus Video: A Look at the Abandoned Slide Away near Kalamazoo


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