Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo is the home ice for the K-Wings, concerts, once a venue for the legendary Toughman fights but for one magical weekend in the mid 1980s, Wings Stadium hosted the most epic 80s weekend you could imagine.

It's a little hard to believe so much awesome could be crammed into a short 10 second commercial, but that's what you'll see in this this video, shared on the kzoo subreddit by /u/ChicagoShadow.

The event was the Custom Auto Show, and here was the can't-be-missed line-up:

  • A-Team Van
  • Fall Guy Truck
  • Tony Hardy, a Mr. T Look-a-Like contest winner
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Professional Breakdancing

So the next time you're tempted to think, aw there's nothing to do in Kalamazoo - you might be right. We'll never see a weekend like this again.

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