The retro 1970s decor of this Kalamazoo house for sale will take you back to the days of Watergate and Apollo 17.

Put the tin foil on the rabbit ears and take the phone off the hook, 'The Brady Bunch' is on! You will swear you are back in the groovy 1970s when you see this real estate listing.

When you take photos to showcase a house for sale, you want to show your best side. The outside of this Texas Township home at 5087 Lewinda Ave. is in great shape, with vinyl siding and gutter helmet installed in 2005. When you step inside, it is like stepping into a far-out time-machine.

Now, I know tastes vary, and some may love the avocado-colored sectional, but, to me, I can't help but think of Grandma's house. Factor in the heavy, dark wood cabinets in the kitchen and that bird above the sink, I can almost smell grandpa's pipe and am looking around for the candy dish.

Surely with a little redecorating and updating, this would make a nice crib for someone. Can you dig it?

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